Meng Chuan’s teaching is guided by his belief that Yoga should be practised according to each person’s unique physical and mental condition. He teaches his students to embrace their own uniqueness, while guiding them to develop their potential to the fullest through the practice. In his classes, there’s a strong focus in the integration of the breath and movement to help students access a deeper connection with their bodies, and to experience an inner state of stillness.

Meng Chuan is an experienced Svastha Yoga teacher in Singapore. He has been trained directly under Mr A.G.Mohan and his wife Indra Mohan. A certified Yoga Therapist by Svastha Yoga Ayurveda Organisation in Chennai, Meng Chuan has helped individuals alleviate various health concerns through private therapy classes.

Meng Chuan is well exposed to other Yoga schools of teaching, having received Yoga teacher certification from the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation (Singapore) and the International Sivananda Center (Himalayas, India).

Effectively bilingual, he conducts his classes in English or Mandarin. Meng Chuan is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician in Singapore. He is the Director and TCM Physician at Meng TCM Wellness Centre.